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The following needs to the prompt before determine the natural medicine.

The best enhancement enhancer quality should contain all of the component. Điều này rất quan trọng vì does not at g none with the daemon sensitivity don't deprecated with the quality types.

The next point will be looking when you want to take a wrapper tobacco is the components that it is made. Extra enhancer for bear need to have the vitamins, mineral and compounds fit for making development for health development, thick, fast and long.

Do not drop on the trap of the cheap lừa đảo and the bogries giả mạo do they are not return effect, no even that the following results that it may have to take.

Zinc Bears of the Kaminomoto ...

The best bearded drugs today.

The beard of Kaminomoto Japan ..

The first point to mention about the Kaminomoto beard formula is that the beard growth formula is made of natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients that can be included include Biotin, Kelp, some amino acids, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and E. All of these ingredients play an important role in stimulating the growth of the beard faster. and thick.

Blood circulation will be boosted to help healthy beard cysts, fight against beard destroyers, and restore follicles. These ingredients also reduce the appearance of skin irritations, control acne, reduce itching and reduce dryness.

This amazing combination will help the healthy bearded cows develop more productive, more active.

Kaminomoto is a brand that specializes in hair, beard, eyelash and eyebrow products. Kaminomoto beard products have been launched after a long period of research, highlighting the fact that experts have noted the distinctness of Asian physiological characteristics compared to that of Asian men. Europe and America ...

Advantages of Kaminomoto

- Many different vitamins and minerals to create beard growth.

- Nutrition promotes healthy skin.

Increased blood circulation to stimulate cysts.

- Helps the beard grow stronger, thicker and longer.

- Absolutely safe, no skin irritation when used

- Good nutrition, necessary for the development of beard.

- Stimulates and grows naturally.

- Do not drop off after use.

Stimulate beard from deep inside.

- Fast penetration into the skin does not leave greasy.

- There is a pleasant smell of herbs.

- Made in Japan suitable for Asian people.

- The price is suitable for the pocket only 400,000 vnd.

Disadvantages of Kaminomoto

With the natural ingredients, the speed of the beard is fast or slow, depending on the locus of the individual.

Customer feedback when using Kaminomoto

The majority of customer feedback on our products are positive, even they are quite surprised by the growth of beard after use. The product is easy to use without the need to prepare too much, just apply directly to the skin to grow, especially Kaminomoto beard fast absorbing gel does not lubricate when used. The price is quite comfortable compared to the average Vietnamese income.

You have a customer who has used Kaminomoto for 2 months said, when starting to use he is quite fond and suspicious, because inherently many ways but not as effective as expected. However, about four weeks after use, the beard began to grow, he bought the product and raised the beard to grow faster.

Blackbird Beard Oil

This product is quite effective advertising for the development of beard. Nutrients are synthesized by a variety of ingredients, especially aromas. This product has a strong odor.

Advantages of Blackbird Beard Oil

Produced on modern lines

Smell bold, masculine

Rapid penetration

Disadvantages of Blackbird Beard Oil

Scent is a strong point but also can be considered weakness because there are many do not like the smell of hair is too strong.

Not suitable for sensitive skin

The price is about 900,000 VND

Customer feedback when using Blackbird Beard Oil

The feedback from customers mostly complained about the smell of the product, Anh Hoang said, when buying this product due to not checked so he did not know the smell of the product, when applied to the skin, it feeling uncomfortable when using. However, the advantages of the product is quite significant, this is also one of the products used a lot.

Minoxidil beard 5% (USA)

Minoxidil 5% American beard is a popular product in Vietnam, with the use of stimulating beard fast, product imported from the US. Known for its standard production process, it can help to maximize the potential for growth.

However, this product is suitable for men in Europe and America, is not suitable for the status of Asian men, so the results are not as good as the product researched. for Asian men. However, the effect of the drug depends on the state of each person, there are many people who match the drug.

Advantages of American Minoxidil 5% beeswax:

 - Helps to grow beard fast because of the transformed, stimulating ingredients found in the product.

 - Essences from vitamins

 - Supports beard and grows evenly.


 - The effect of fast or slow depends on the location of each person

 - The beard may fall back when it is stopped.

 - Not compatible with Asian people

 - The amount of chemical stimulation is quite hig

Customer feedback on the use of US Minoxidil 5%.

Minoxidil 5% beard is a widely advertised drug, most likely to be found in the beard sprout. When using the product has a good penetration, however, the rate of growth is not as fast as was introduced. According to Tuan Anh, this beard is quite cheap but the growth rate is slow so he does not feel as effective as expected.

Beard Garden bearded

Beard Garden Beard Garden is a product of Organic Trace Company. This medication contains the most vitamins and minerals, the herbs, which help to improve the beard problem. A good product for beard growth.

Beard Garden Beard, which can help you overcome dryness, itching, dandruff on the beard, growth rate slow. For those who are looking for a beard, Beard Garden seems to be a pretty viable option. The beard will be nourished and stimulated to the max.

Advantages of Beard Garden Beard:

 - Herbal ingredients are refined safely with the body.

 - Support good care for the development of beard.

Disadvantages of Beard Garden Beard:

 - Like most other drugs, this product also works according to each body.

- The eyebrows may fall out when stopped.

- Very high price for a short time: nearly 3 million.

Customer feedback Beard Garden.

To use this product, I have to spend a considerable amount of money to own, it is too expensive compared to the common ground. However, the effect that it brings is very significant, you will feel the beard is significantly improved when used. But this product is not widely distributed in Vietnam.

When deciding on any product we also need to pay much attention to the composition, the manufacturer and the shelf life of the product. It is best to take the products extracted from nature, understand your body condition and find the right product when deciding to buy.

Incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you want to grow healthy and fast, do not forget the facial cleansing and regular exfoliation to prevent the pores from being sealed by the sebaceous glands that make new hair follicles difficult to develop. .

Massage in a circular motion when applying the drug, when the massage will penetrate the skin and penetration faster. The massage process will increase the circulation of blood circulation, help to provide nutrients to the cysts, nourish and stimulate healthy cysts.

Nutrition is also very important, you have meals rich with foods containing protein, vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of the beard.

Probably the most important of these is vitamin B7, also known as biotin. Biotin is very important for the development of the beard, because its function in the body is to convert fatty acids in some other nutrients.

One of the first ingredients to strengthen your beard is Vitamin E and that's the right choice. Vitamin E is an excellent ingredient because it helps repair damaged tissue, in which case it is the follicle.

Calcium is also an important building block of many cells, including those that receive and deliver nutrients to your follicles.

Calcium deficiency can actually cause hormonal changes that can cause slow hair growth or in extreme cases even hair loss.

Nutrition, choosing the right product is the key to success in beating and beautify.

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